my adhd meds.

Fighting with my mom yet again. She’s always on my case about my ADHD. But today was bad. I have heard that methylphenidate can be harmful so I always understood my moms point. She cares right? Wrong!!

Our argument:

Mom : I want you to get a second opinion this holiday.
Me: about?
Mom: I want to take you to a different Dokter , just to be sure about your current dosage of methylphenidate.
Me: mom , please not this again! Can’t you just let me feel normal. I’m on the right dose of all my meds! I’m normal mom.
Mom: no. Your not! Those pills are poison.
Me: no! I can actually concentrate!!
Mom: yes and? Its more than R1000 a month.
Me: yeah. I should’ve known this wasn’t about me but about money.

Its like she blames me for having it!! I drink 240 methylphenidate pills each month. Does she think its fun for me??

Its a lot!! But I actually feel normal. I fit in. I’m not weird anymore and I get stuff done!!

Is it really that bad for me to want to be normal?



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