Today started off as normal. Woke up. got dressed. went to school.

When I entered my class I saw one of my close friends crying. Jay is an amazing girl (pretty , blonde , double D’s) but a guy called her a slut. All she did was not go out with him!

I’m might look girly. But bitch mess with my girls and I’m gonna mess with you.

So I got mad. Me and Lex(gay guy, hot , ballet dancer) went to the guy , rather pissed. We threatened him. He apologized to jay.

Then class started.

I heard a few junior students talking about the seniors and their labels!

Curious about my label I went to the juniors with mia and asked them. They were scared of us. But they told us.

I’m labeled as “feminist bitch” and mia was “easy bitch”. I was fine with my label though. Cause let’s face it I’m a feminist and I am a bitch!

But mia wasn’t fine with hers. Well who would be?

I was still mad but I realized we all label people. Its not just in high schools anymore! Its sad but true!


When I got home I tried to talk to my mom about it , but she only heard the fact that I’m a bitch and mia is easy!

I wish she would just listen to my point. Eeeer!!

So we had a HUGE fight.

Talking about a huge fight we had , we had a fight about lex like yesterday.

I’m for gay rights and don’t see why its wrong. But my mother is a very opinionated women. She tried to tell me not to be friends with him cause he is gay!! Wtf?? He isn’t her son! And it does not affect her in any way!! How can she judge him without knowing him?



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